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Future-proof cookieless

retargeting campaigns

Reach your customers without compromising their privacy

Innovative solutions

Privacy Sandbox solutions:

Protected Audience API with


Proven technology

Proprietary Deep

Learning algorithms

Personalized creatives

Best-in-class banners leveraging

the most advanced recommendation mechanisms

Personalized retargeting campaigns

that don’t need third-party cookies

…enables cookieless retargeting with no compromise on privacy. It takes an advertiser’s website data and places users in interest groups specifically defined for that advertiser. This allows people to see tailored ads, with no infringement on their privacy.

Protected Audience API aims to preserve current functionalities and the look and feel of classic retargeting, while introducing more robust privacy protection mechanisms. RTB House uses Deep Learning algorithms to create an advanced bidding logic to ensure that advertisers optimize their ad spend.

Protected Audience API

Product-level Turtledove (PLTD)

and Outcome-based Turtledove (OBTD)

…improve on Protected Audience API retargeting personalization.

PLTD stores data on the products a user interacts with within that user’s browser. This means we can display personalized product recommendations without knowing who that user is.

OBTD applies this same approach to gain user Signals. This piece of data can include variables specific to a given individual, such as the value of the products in a basket. This is used by the adtech’s bidding logic to better evaluate the bid price for an on-device, perfectly private ad auction.



RTB House Deep Learning understands patterns in behavior in real time

Raw first-party

data input

Patterns identified

by Deep Learning

Deep Learning defines interest group criteria

and adds users

It also defines relevant variables and products for bidding and ad personalization





On a


In a cart


On sale

New model


of viewed



of visited





Time spend

on each



of browsed


Take advantage of the Deep Learning technology
deployed in 100% of our algorithms

Advanced self-teaching algorithms able to handle vast amounts of rich, even unstructured data, in real-time

Highly precise predictions of user behavior and estimations of buying potential with more efficient budget allocation

Currently delivers up to 50% more efficient personalized retargeting

Case study:

personalized creatives with the highest

privacy protection standards

The user visited an electronic e-shop and clicked on three products: smartphones, TVs, and laptops. What do they see in the cookieless future?

Competitor solutions

RTB House

The user will only see previously visited products and pre-defined, most popular products from a given category

The user will see visited products and personalized recommendations spanning a wide variety of categories

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